Do you match Policolor?

Did it happen to you to start painting a room and then want to start the second one, and the hallway? To think in the evening what colors would you prefer in the children’s bedroom or on a certain wooden part of the house?

Have you ever imagined what the house of your dreams should look like? Should it be immaculate white or colored? A pastel shade or a dark one? What about the car? Are matte colors really fashionable or would you like a bright color that stands out?

If you have caught yourself thinking about all these many times, if you like quality things, if you like working in a team and sharing your thoughts, concerns and achievements with others, then come with us! Because, YES, you match Policolor.

HR Activities

March 2018

Colors Magazine

Since 2012, when it appeared, Colors magazine has reinvented itself every year, reaching that in 2018 it will be a natural and direct communication platform

February 2018

Driving easy, driving with SPOR

120 colleagues who drive service cars had, in February, a very useful course: “Driving easy, driving with SPOR”. We all like, from time to time,

January 2018

Winter Corporate Games

Our most athletic colleagues do not miss any opportunity to participate in the Summer or Winter Corporate Games. This winter, our colleagues scored 74 points