Policolor S.A., one of the largest players on the local varnishes and paints market, announces the completion of the construction of the new factory in Bucharest, after an investment of 7 million euros, which also includes the value of the land. Located in a complex with an area of 2.5 hectares, next to a modern warehouse, the latest generation factory will produce paints, plasters, enamels, varnishes or primers.








The new complex in which the factory and the new 5,000 sq m warehouse are located, will have internalized logistics and distribution, and aims to increase the quality and quantity of Policolor products, as well as optimize and streamline their delivery to customers. The construction was completed in mid-June, and in the next period, the new production units will go through the placement and testing phases, and will start operating in the summer of this year.

Improved distribution capacity

The factory has benefited from investments in the latest technologies, plus a number of items transferred from the unit in Theodor Pallady, which have been completely renovated, along with newly built facilities for Quality Control and Assurance and Research-Development. The warehouse was also equipped with new storage and management equipment and will also benefit from a modern WMS (warehouse management system), which was not available at Pallady unit. WMS allows you to record stocks accurately and choose them quickly and correctly for customers.

Higher sales in 2019

Policolor Group generated consolidated operating revenues of 64.2 million euros in 2018. For 2019, Policolor Group estimates sales worth 69.8 million euros, up 8.7% from the previous year; EBITDA is budgeted to 3.9 million euros, also increasing compared to 2018.